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The UV Irradiation Machine for cross-linking protein-RNA and RNA-RNA interactions

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How Did It Begin

Our Background

Back in 2014, we at UVO3 Ltd were approached by Sander Granneman of Edinburgh University who brought to us the challenge of wanting to use UV for cross-linking yeast in solution. Through several years, and many prototypes, we have developed the Vari-X-Link which is a modular designed UV irradiation instrument whereby users can switch between lamps in seconds for either UVA or UVC experiments. It exposes samples to a high and accurate dose of UV and so cross-linking can occur in seconds. 


Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. Vari-X-Link is here for you.

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Published Research

Monitoring Protein-RNA Interaction Dynamics in vivo at High Temporal Resolution using χCRAC

Recently used within a published scientific paper via JoVe, we are awaiting a full video to be released post COVID. Find out more about how it was used.

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Product Features

Multiple Wavelengths

As standard, the machine comes with 254nm lamps another popular option is 365nm lamps which can quickly and easily be interchanged.

Other wavelengths are available, do get in touch if you require anything different.

Sample Type - Liquid/Solid

There are two options, either cross-link in liquid form using the chamber which has a 750ml capacity. Or use the quartz petri dishes to expose your sample to UV.

The chamber comes as standard, the quartz dish is an additional option.

Controlled Environment

Even energy distribution across the whole exposure window of the machine along with minimal thermal stress.

This along with temperature and UV sensors means the machine will give reliable results over its lifetime.

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Additional Options

Quart Petr-Dish Set-up


Can be clamped to the desk, with a vacuum pump attached to the bottom which allows you to pour through your solution through a filter paper.

Rapid Filtration Starter Pack

Comprising of a large filter flask, flask adaptors, vacuum pump and vacuum tubing. One of each, an exemplary set-up from the University of Edinburgh above.

Quartz Petri-Dish

A very popular option if you have a very small volume of liquid or want to use a petri-dish. This quartz will allow UV to pass through it, therefore you get exposure both top and bottom meaning you benefit from both banks of lamps.

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