Q. What size dishes can I use?

Currently the Vari-X-Link has two solutions for holding your sample. 1. The Chamber can hold up to 750ml of liquid. 2 FEP window with a surface area of 130 x 125 cm can accommodate your petri dishes. We are away that using petri-dishes blocks the majority of UV-C, therefore we are developing a quartz petri dish which should be available to purchase soon. Please get in contact if you want to find out more.

Q. Can we demo before buying?

Within reason yes, we will happily give demos in the UK/France with your company/organisation covering the cost of the engineers travel and time to use the machine.

Q. How soon can I have a machine?

Currently there is a 8-10 week wait for despatch of machines, this is dependant on demand for the machine at time of inquiry, upon formal quotation we will give you an idea of lead time on the machines.

Q. Can I have just 254nm lamps?

Yes! Generally we supply the machine with both 365nm and 254nm lamps but just one is doable. If there happens to be another wavelength/bandwidth you would be interested to use do get in contact and we can explore the

Vari-X-Link is a product owned and developed by UVO3 Ltd who are a part of the PWG. It has been developed in-conjunction with the University of Edinburgh.

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