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Developed with the University of Edinburgh

Dr Sander Granneman came to UVO3 Ltd back in 2013 with the challenge of producing a machine to aid his cross-linking experiments. Over many years and a few prototypes, we have come to a point where we have a functioning cross-linking machine that can rapidly expose a specific dose of UV to your sample over and over again.


This machine has been used in the following academic research paper:



See the video for a demo of how the previous machine worked, a mechanical solution which has now been progressed onto an intuitive touchscreen.


This is the most up to date ull video of the  machine in full operation.

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MK 1 Prototype

Working very rough to get the concept we started with card models, followed by prototype louvre systems which were tested before taking to manufacture to block 99.9% of UV irradiation when the lamps are going through there unstable warm-up period.

Vari-X-Link is a product owned and developed by UVO3 Ltd who are a part of the PWG. It has been developed in-conjunction with the University of Edinburgh.

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